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Feedback From Clients

"Great experience learning from Amanda! She is very thorough, especially in regards to special circumstances and unusual cycles. She really helped me understand my cycles and have confidence in the method. 
I started the method self taught and was very worried and had a lot of “what’s ifs?”. Great session with Amanda and I came away feeling very supported and equip to practice Marquette successfully!"

From Facebook Reviews

"Amanda is amazing! She is a pleasure to talk to and easy to talk to! She is super detailed oriented when explaining the Marquette method! If you are looking for a Marquette instructor, look no further! Pick Amanda!"

From Facebook Reviews

"Amanda is wonderful, patient, and knowledgable. I am a mother of four TTA indefinitely. She helped me to make a clear plan that I have confidence in."

From Private Evaluation Form

"Excellent, professional teaching. I was afraid I would feel awkward on skype talking for someone I hadn’t met before, but it was great! I’ve learned so much. My only times of confusion have been my own cycle challenges and Amanda did an excellent job pointing me to the best resources to get to the source of the problem. If I hadn’t been charting I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed and definitely wouldn’t have seen a NAPRO. I love having an instructor because one like Amanda is so much more- she’s a cheerleader, teammate, and a friend!"

From Private Evaulation Form

Testimonials: Testimonials
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